Lizi Boyd has written and illustrated many children’s books. INSIDE OUTSIDE is her latest, published by Chronicle Books. It is a wordless book and its story belongs to the eyes and imagination of the reader.

Lizi’s studio sits on a hill above a field of apple trees with a long view to the mountains. Through her tall windows the inside and outside are one. It is quiet. While working on the book her brushes and paints surprised her as they added their own little bits along the way.

Lizi Boyd’s more recent titles include: Black Dog Gets Dressed, I Love Grandma, I Love Grandpa, I Love Mommy and I Love Daddy. These books were published by Candlewick Press. Older titles may be found on Amazon.

Now she’s working on sketches for a new book with Chronicle. Her two black dogs wait patiently, often napping, always on the ready to go outside and play.